Women’s rights and combating violence

Develop the accessibility of the En avant toute(s) chat room in order to accompany more victims of gender-based and sexual violence

En avant toute(s) France, France Project supported in 2022


In France, nearly 1 woman in 10 has been or is being subjected to violence by her spouse. Among women under 25, it is as high as 1 in 7. Young women are therefore particularly affected but do not make much use of the dedicated help services. They do not have the same experience of violence and do not always identify themselves as victims. In the overseas departments-regions and the territorial communities, the rate of domestic violence is seven times higher than in metropolitan France. Women victims of violence are often slowed down in their efforts to denounce the violence they suffer. The insularity combined with the lack of public services reinforce the obstacles encountered by women who wish to flee their homes.

To reach more victims of gender-based and sexual violence, En Avant Toute(s) wishes to strengthen the action of its chat www.commentonsaime.fr. Anonymous, safe, and free of charge, this digital tool aims at complementing existing mechanisms, in particular the national hotline dedicated to women victims of violence managed by the Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (FNSF). The number of calls to the chat room has exploded in 2020 and 2021, notably due to the health crisis. To respond to the specificities of young women in France and in the overseas departments-regions and the territorial communities, the organization wants to increase the accessibility of the chat. The opening hours will be expanded to later slots, more representative of young people’s habits.  The time zones of overseas departments-regions and the territorial communities will be considered. It will be coupled with a communication campaign to reinforce the visibility of the chat.

5000women helped per year

The association

En avant toute(s) works for gender equality and the end of violence against women and LGBTQIA+ people in couples and families. It prevents the appearance of sexist and sexual violence by intervening with young people and youth professionals. It accompanies victims, thanks to the chat www.commentonsaime.fr.

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