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Daytime care: first steps towards social integration

Femmes SDF France, Grenoble Project supported in 2020


The project

The city of Grenoble, in the prefecture of Isère, is home to an increasingly precarious and numerous migrant population, among which many single women and their children.

To offset this situation and the progressive impoverishment of this population it has been supporting for 16 years, the association Femmes SDF, specialised on the issue of wandering women, wants to provide a more comprehensive support to the women hosted since 2004 in the “Local des Femmes”, French for “Women’s place” (408 women and 219 children hosted in 2019, of which 70% were migrants).

This project aims to continue the daily hosting service offered by the association and to consolidate new intervention axes to better meet the specific needs of migrant women in terms of access to rights and social integration. The association plans to host 400 femmes (and children) 3 times per week, to organise weekly counselling sessions to help them access support (health, employment, administrative formalities, housing) as well as activities to develop their self-esteem and encourage citizen participation (writing workshops, movie debates, support groups). Face and body care, as well as hairdressing services, will also be offered to interested women.


400women (and their children) hosted in the Local des Femmes every year
250women accompanied towards a greater access to rights
150women receiving care services

The association

The Femmes SDF association was founded in 2000 in order to increase the visibility, understand and analyse the situation of women living in the streets, and improve the response to their needs. Since the creation of the “Local des femmes” in 2004, the association offers a daytime hosting facility for wandering women and organises roundups during which duos comprising one social worker and one woman who has lived in the street, go out to meet homeless women in the city of Grenoble.

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