Women’s rights and combating violence

Combating violence against women with disabilities

Femmes pour le dire, Femmes pour agir France, France Association supported in 2011, 2015 and 2019


The project

In France, the phenomenon of violence against disabled women is still unknown, and few means are put in place to respond to it. Yet disability is an aggravating factor in exposure to violence against women, especially psychological violence.

In 2015, Femmes Pour le Dire, Femmes pour Agir (FDFA), set up a listening number for these women, in order to propose solutions adapted to their situation. Given the constant increase in the number of calls received (more than 2,000 calls in 2018) FDFA wishes to perpetuate its action with disabled women victims of violence, in particular by the continuation of the hotline, but also through the holding of physical permanencies (psychological, social, legal, administrative) and the organization of creative activities and well-being.

220disabled women supported

The association

The purpose of the association Femmes Pour le Dire, Femmes pour Agir is to promote the place of women with disabilities in society, regardless of the nature of their disability, by any means available to them (forums, publications, speaking groups, workshops, etc.). It fights against all forms of discrimination and in particular, against the double discrimination experienced by women with disabilities – that of gender and that of disability – and against violence suffered by 4 of them out of 5.

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