Women’s rights and combating violence

Combating violence against women and girls in North-West Tunisia

Terre des Hommes France Tunisia Association supported in 2019


The project

In Tunisia, 47% of women aged 18 to 64 have experienced at least one form of violence (moral, physical and/or sexual). Regulations are still largely ignored and violence remains relatively socially tolerated and its perpetrators unpunished. This phenomenon is particularly marked in the Kef Governorate, where there are numerous cases of violence.

In 2018, Terre des Hommes France conducted a pilot project to support women victims of violence and raise public awareness with its local partner, the Association Femme et Citoyenneté. It continues its action in this area by offering legal and psychological support to women victims of violence, and training public service providers and education and health professionals to improve the management of violence against women and girls.

100women victims of violence accompanied
120pupils aware of gender equality
50professionals trained in the detection of violence

The association

Terre des Hommes France (TDHF) is an international solidarity association that believes that all women, men and children have the right to live with dignity. Its vision of sustainable and socially just development implies respect for fundamental human rights. TDHF works to overcome economic and social injustices alongside vulnerable populations, especially women, children and young people, by enabling them to exercise their rights.


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