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Agroecology Lencas

Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF) Honduras Supported in 2018-2019


In Honduras, the Lencas people of India live, in large part, in poverty because of discrimination against indigenous people and breathless agriculture. Young women seek to migrate to the big cities but find themselves faced with particularly difficult working conditions.

In order to offer them a healthy and innovative alternative, AVSF is leading a project in 17 rural municipalities of the departments of Intibuca and La Paz: 60 women-relays will be trained in agro-ecology, the creation of an income generating activity and the implementation of a political impact plan (advocacy on the participation and role of women in the decision-making space). They will pass on their knowledge to the 400 women in their groups.

60trained women relays
400women from the ethnic Lenca beneficiaries

The association

AVSF is a recognized international solidarity association of public utility, that acts since 1977 to support peasant agriculture.

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