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Acting for women’s emancipation through digital tools

Maison des Femmes de Paris France, Ile-de-France Project supported in 2020


The project

For 40 years, the Maison des Femmes de Paris (MDF – House of Women), located in the 12th district of Paris, has been accompanying women migrants, women suffering from exclusion and women victims of violence. It hosts women, without appointment, 3 days per week and offers them many other complementary services: social, psychological and juridical counselling, support groups, job search counselling, sports and creative workshops. Every day, about 15 women are welcome and take part in one or several actions led by the association.

The ability to use digital tools is essential for an efficient socio-professional integration. Nevertheless, the MDF team notes that many women do not have access to these tools and do not know how to use them. To solve this problem, the association’s program has been completed with a digital inclusion program including:
Group workshops on the use of IT tools for administrative, social and professional integration procedures (taxes, national employment agency, national family allowances fund, townhalls, social housing) with professionals from these same services.
Tailored workshops to allow women to apply their learnings from groups workshops (creation of e-mail addresses, administrative formalities on the administrative websites, creation of resumes and cover letters…).
Online counselling with free access to computers.

Thanks to an efficient use of digital tools, women will become autonomous in their administrative procedures, enabling them to have better access to rights and a successful socio-professional integration.

100women trained to the use of digital each year

The association

Founded in 1981, la Maison des Femmes de Paris’ mission is to accompany women and fight against all forms of exclusion and violence they suffer from, through collective and adapted actions. It is also a place of inter-associative initiatives and solidarity for women’s rights.

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