Women’s rights and combating violence

Accompanying exiled women, victims of torture and political violence in their country of origin, towards a possible reconstruction

Centre Primo Lévi France, Ile-de-France Projet soutenu en 2022 - Programme Lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes et aux filles


In France, nearly a third of the 96,424 asylum applications registered with the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons in 2020 were submitted by women, the majority of whom were from Africa. Little is known about the situation of these women and their care, particularly in relation to the violence they have suffered during their migration, is still inadequate.

Île-de-France is the leading region for receiving asylum seekers, yet the Primo Levi Centre in Paris is one of the few specialized care centers in the region. Half of the Centre’s beneficiaries are women, and many have been victims of torture, persecution, sexual violence, or trafficking. This project aims at reducing the impact of the trauma they have experienced by offering them comprehensive support (psychological, medical, social, and legal).



400beneficiaries from 44 different countries
66%of the women at the center receive psychological follow-up

The association

Based on the experience gained in supporting refugees in France, the Primo Levi Centre intends to tirelessly testify to the effects of torture.

Centre Primo Levi

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